Student Projects – Reform Movements

In the unit, Industry and Reform, students examined how technology and industry began to transform America in the early 1800s. As parts of America moved away from agriculture and towards industry, society was also changing.  Millions of immigrants (mostly from Ireland and Germany) came to America. Many Americans embraced religion during the Second Great Awakening. Soon, many of these people began to put their religious ideals into practice by working to reshape, or reform, parts of American life. Their efforts would impact several groups including Americas most disadvantaged.

Students created an infographic about one of the reform movements. They first evaluated multiple sources of information by examining text, primary sources, and images (RH.9-10.7) and then developed the topic by selecting the most significant information (WHST.9-10.2.B). By creating an infographic, students can present a lot of information and data visually. Throughout the year, students examine many infographics to learn about a particular topic so this was a great way for them to showcase their knowledge about reform.


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