Global Studies

Global Studies (9th Grade)

Unit 1 – Renaissance: Characteristics of the Renaissance, art, philosophy, and writing. Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. The Spanish conquest of the Americas. The impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The monarchs of Spain, France and England.

Unit 2 – The Enlightenment and Revolutions Around the World: France, Haiti, America, Mexico and Latin America. The Industrial Revolution and urbanization.

Unit 3 – Industrialization and Imperialism: Technology leads to advancements in industry, communication, and transportation. Reform movements for women’s suffrage and public education. Causes and effects of imperialism.

Unit 4 – World War I and the Russian Revolution: The social, political and financial affects of World War I.

Unit 5 – The Rise of Dictators and World War II: The years between the world wars and the Great Depression. The rise of Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler. World War II and the Holocaust.

Other topics include geography and current events.


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