Syllabus – Global Studies II

 Mrs. Johnson’s Global Studies II Class

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     Welcome to Global Studies II at CCTA!  I am very excited for the 2016-2017 school year and I know each and every one of you can succeed in this classroom and at CCTA.  A required course of study, Global Studies II is the study of events and people from many different parts of the world and time period, beginning with the Renaissance and ending with World War II. Students work within the framework outlined by Common Core Standards to obtain mastery of the subject. Assignments are geared to facilitate critical thinking and discussion.

Typical Classroom Day

  • Do Now: As you walk into the classroom, get your binder/notebook and a pen/pencil. Then, complete the assigned “do now”. We will discuss responses in order to start the lesson of that day.
  • Notes: Most days, notes will be taken as one of the first tasks and we will discuss the information. There is to be no side conversations during note taking and discussion. The notes are essential in this course. You will be allowed to use them on assignments, assessments, and projects. If you refuse to take notes, you will lose points on your participation grade for that day and may be dismissed from class. You will not be given the notes if you refuse to take notes. You will not be given the notes if you are dismissed from class. You may get them from a classmate on your own time.
  • Classwork: Assignments will be skill based and include higher level thinking. Some assignments you will complete by yourself and others will be with partners or small groups. Classwork is collected at the end of class and graded, so use your time wisely.
  • Wrap-Up/Exit Ticket: We will end with summarizing main points of the lesson and you will complete an exit ticket prior to being dismissed. Before being dismissed, ensure that all materials have been put away and that your shirt is tucked in. We then line up in protocol for dismissal.


Attendance 20%
Classwork and Behavior/Participation 25%
Homework 10%
Projects/Quizzes 20%
Tests 25%
90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
0-59 F


     Students are expected to come to class every day.  If you are absent, you are responsible to get and complete the missing assignments, even if it is an excused absence. You will receive a weekly attendance grade. If you attend school every scheduled day for the week, you will receive 100 points. 10 points are deducted for each day you are absent. If you miss an entire week, it is a 0.


     All students are expected to complete all their assignments. Classwork is collected at the end of class and graded (do not leave it in your binder/notebook). Graded classwork will have a highlighted grade on it and returned to you. Please keep all assignments in your binder.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get and complete the assignments you missed, even if it is an excused absence. Upon your return, see me for your missing assignments and notes. Make up work is done on your own time, not during class.  If make-up work is not completed and submitted, you will receive a 0 for that assignment.


     Students are expected to show respect for themselves and others.  Students will be held accountable for their actions. All CCTA norms will be followed.

In addition, class discussion should always be appropriate, even if you are talking while completing assignments. I have the authority to end any conversation that I deem inappropriate.

        You will receive a weekly behavior/participation grade. This is based on your attitude in class for the day and if you completed your assignments. If you sleep in class, you will receive a 0 for the day. If you are disrespectful to me or another student, you will lose points for the day. If you are dismissed for the day, you will receive a 0.


      Please attempt to do the homework. Homework will not be accepted late.


      Projects are a form of assessment.  You will have time in class and the computer lab time to complete projects. If you are absent, you will need to make up the project on your own time.

Quizzes are given at the end of a section. The date of the quiz will be announced.


      Tests are another form of assessment.  We will review for the test. The date of the test will be announced.


This is a team effort and requires a lot of work on your part. You are here to learn and graduate high school. My goal is to create a fun and safe environment conducive to learning. It is encouraged that students redirect their peers when norms are not followed.

Please do not take out your frustrations on me or others. If something is bothering you at school or home, please let me, or another staff member know. You spend half your day at school. Let’s make the best of our time together.

*This information is subject to change according to revised school policies.


Student Agreement

Global Studies II


Name: ____________________________________

  • I have read and understood the above syllabus and expectations to me.
  • I will try my hardest to adhere to the class and school norms as expected by my teacher(s) and staff.
  • In this classroom, I will try my best. I will attempt all assignments.
  • I will respect myself and others.
  • I understand bad days happen, but I will not let them distract me.


Student Signature

I have read and understood the above syllabus and expectations for Mrs. Johnson’s class. I understand what is expected of my child and the teacher(s) to ensure my child succeeds in the classroom.


Parent/Guardian Signature

Permission to View Film/Video

Global Studies II

Dear Families,

Occasionally, film/videos are used in the classroom in order to illustrate a particular curricular-related concept.

I am notifying you that some of the films/videos we will be watching in class have a rating above the PG rating and may contain images that are graphic.

Some topics to which the movies are relevant: Ancient Civilizations; Colonization of the Americas, Africa, and Asia; World War I, World War II, The Holocaust; The Slave Trade; Monarchs of Europe and more.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Mrs. Johnson


Student’s Name: ___________________________________________

____ Yes, I give my son/daughter permission to view curriculum and school appropriate film/videos related to classroom content and subjects.

____ No, I do not give my son/daughter permission to view curriculum and school appropriate film/videos mentioned in this letter. I understand alternate learning experiences will be provided for my child while the movie is being watched.

Signature of Parent or Guardian: ___________________               Date:_________