Period 4: 1800-1848

This unit is broken into two parts in order. Part 1 will cover the following topics: Jefferson: Jeffersonian Democracy/Revolution of 1800, Louisiana Purchase, Marshall Court and significant cases; Manifest Destiny; Madison: War of 1812; Monroe: Era of Good Feelings, Nationalism, Monroe Doctrine; Jackson: Nullification, Indian Removal Act/Trail of Tears. Part 2 will cover the following topics: Second Great Awakening; Market Revolution, Transportation Revolution, Industrialization, Sectionalism in America, Sectional Compromises/Missouri Compromise, Social Reform Movements (Abolitionism; Women’s Rights, etc), Immigration, Mexican American War.

Below are the assignments for this unit.

AMSCO Readings

Part 1:

Part 2:

Additional Readings 

Period 4 homework and review by Adam Norris 

Review for Period 4

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