US I Investigates History

As quickly as summer ended, so did the first marking period! My colleague and I were saying earlier today that November came up almost out of nowhere and we couldn’t believe the end of year is almost here. We have been so busy and the students have been working really hard. Students in US History I began the school year learning about the colonization of the Americas. They examined primary source documents, data, various types of text, and different form of media to understand why Europeans came to America and how geography affected development. Currently, students are learning about life in colonial America and we are leading up to the American Revolution. Earlier this week, students became detectives and investigated the Boston Massacre. They had so much fun! Below are some pictures of my detectives hard at work!


US 1 – Quarterly Update 2016-2017

US I students started the year learning about colonial America. We dug deep into the reasons Europeans began exploring the Western part of the world.  Students easily connected that Spain, France, and England were competing for power and that geography played a key role in the success or failure of a colony. Students also explored Native American cultures and examined how contact with Europeans greatly affected their lives. This will continue to be a theme throughout the year.

Jamestown is probably the biggest project we do all year in US 1. I love this project and the students really look forward to it. They start asking about it in 9th grade when they see it completed and I always tell them, “You’ll do it next year”.  This year’s projects were AMAZING! Here are some pictures.

We closed out the marking period learning about the events leading up to the American Revolution and of course, the election! You’ll find that post here.

Below are some pictures of student work from this marking period, including the projects about Jamestown.

A map of the colonies with information cards created by the students for each colony.