Global Studies – Quarterly Update 2016-2017

2016-2017 was off to a great start! The 9th graders began the year with a review of Ancient Civilizations. I am always amazed with this unit every year I teach it. I find it fascinating that the people from this time period made such great advancements in art and science to the point we can still appreciate it today. The 9th graders created their own piece of papyrus and wrote their names in hieroglyphics. I love challenging the students right away with a fun project.  Students make the paper from mashed up pulp that I make in my food processor. Both the students and I love bringing out our inner child and getting messy with a hands-on project. The final projects are always a success. The next unit was the Beginning of a Global Age and the Renaissance.  This time, students created a menu for a restaurant using only items from either the New World or the Old World. Students use what we learn in class to demonstrate how they master the material; creating projects is an effective way to keep them engaged. You’ll be surprised how tasty a menu can be using only certain items. We closed out the marking period with the election. You’ll find that post here.

Below are some pictures of the students making paper.


Pressing the water out.


Ready to dry



US 1 – Quarterly Update 2016-2017

US I students started the year learning about colonial America. We dug deep into the reasons Europeans began exploring the Western part of the world.  Students easily connected that Spain, France, and England were competing for power and that geography played a key role in the success or failure of a colony. Students also explored Native American cultures and examined how contact with Europeans greatly affected their lives. This will continue to be a theme throughout the year.

Jamestown is probably the biggest project we do all year in US 1. I love this project and the students really look forward to it. They start asking about it in 9th grade when they see it completed and I always tell them, “You’ll do it next year”.  This year’s projects were AMAZING! Here are some pictures.

We closed out the marking period learning about the events leading up to the American Revolution and of course, the election! You’ll find that post here.

Below are some pictures of student work from this marking period, including the projects about Jamestown.

A map of the colonies with information cards created by the students for each colony.