Syllabus – U.S. History II

 Mrs. Johnson’s U.S. History II Class

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Welcome to U.S. History II at Brimm Medical Arts High School!  I am very excited for the 2017-2018 school year. I believe every student can succeed in this classroom and at BMAHS.  A required course of study, U.S. History II is the study of events and people from the Reconstruction Era to modern times.  Students work within the framework outlined by the Camden City School District curriculum and Common Core Standards to obtain mastery of the subject. Assignments are geared to cultivate writing, research, critical thinking, and discussion skills in order to prepare you for college.

Materials Needed

  • 1 subject spiral notebook
  • Binder (1 ½ – 2 inch)
  • Folder
  • Pen/Pencil everyday
  • Textbook will remain in class

Typical Classroom Day

  • Do Now
  • Notes/Discussion
  • Classwork
  • Wrap-Up/Exit Ticket



  • The following categories are used for assignments in Genesis: Classwork, Homework, Projects, and Tests. The weight of the category is based on school and district policy.
  • Grades are also based on school and district policy. Anything less than a 60 is failing.
  • This information is subject to change according to revised school policies.



There are several ways I will communicate information to you and your family and for you to communicate with me. It is also a great way to share what you are doing in class as I often post updates and pictures.



Students are expected to show respect for themselves and others and will be held accountable for their actions. In addition, class discussions should be appropriate, even if you are talking while completing assignments. I will end any conversation that I deem inappropriate. Students are expected to attempt all assignments on their own. Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated.



          Assignments are to be completed by you and you only. If you cheat on any assignment, you will not receive credit for it and may not have the opportunity to re-do it. “Plagiarism is copying another person’s text or ideas and passing the copied material as your own work”.  Learning is a process and you won’t get better unless you learn from your mistakes and practice the skills that will help you become a better student.



Students are expected to complete all assignments. Classwork is collected and graded (do not leave it in your binder/notebook). Graded classwork will be returned to you. Please keep all assignments in your binder.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get and complete the assignments you missed, even if it is an excused absence. Make up work is done on your own time, not during class.  If make-up work is not completed and submitted, you will receive a 0 for that assignment.


Homework will be assigned and the assignments will vary. Please attempt all homework.


          Projects are a form of assessment.  You will have time in class and the computer lab time to complete projects. Some parts of a project may be assigned for homework.  Some projects will also be completed with a partner or a small group.


          Tests are another form of assessment.  You will receive a study guide. We will review for the test and the date of the test will be announced.


This is a team effort and requires a lot of work on your part. I am here to help you achieve your goals. My goal is to create a fun, safe, and challenging environment conducive to learning.

Please do not take out your frustrations on me or others but I understand bad days happen to all of us. If something is bothering you at school or home, please let me, or another staff member know. I like to think it is “not the setback but the get back”. You spend half your day at school. Let’s make the best of our time together!

*This information is subject to change according to revised school policies.